Working papers

When product markets become collective traps: The case of social media [paper]

With Leonardo Bursztyn, Benjamin Handel, and Christopher Roth

American Economic Review, Revised and Resubmitted

Experiments on social media [paper]

With Guy Aridor, Ro'ee Levy, and Lena Song

Prepared for the Handbook of Experimental Methods in the Social Sciences

Toxic content and user engagement on social media: Evidence from a field experiment [paper]

With George Beknazar-Yuzbashev, Jesse McCrosky, and Mateusz Stalinski

The effect of content moderation on online and offline hate: Evidence from Germany's NetzDG [paper]

With Karsten Müller and Carlo Schwarz

The economics of content moderation: Evidence from hate speech on Twitter [paper

Selected publications and accepted papers

The economics of social media [paper]

With Guy Aridor, Ro'ee Levy, and Lena Song

Journal of Economic Literature, Forthcoming

A model of harmful yet engaging content on social media [paper]

With George Beknazar-Yuzbashev and Mateusz Stalinski

AEA Papers & Proceedings, 2024

Estimating the distaste toward price gouging with incentivized consumer reports [paper]

With Justin Holz and Eduardo Laguna Müggenburg

American Economic Journal: Applied Economics, 2024

Cash: A blessing or a curse? [paper]

With Fernando Alvarez, David Argente, and Francesco Lippi

Journal of Monetary Economics, 2022